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Dan Lepard’s Peanut Chilli Bread


Social media can be fantastic in how they bring you into communities with a couple of clicks. I am member of Meetup.com, joined out of boredom, joined in search of fellow stay at home mothers. Then, I got curious. I joined this group called Baking Entrepreneurs. And because of this group, I chanced upon this recipe. The theme for the first meetup of this group was to bring something baked that contains chilli. The standard combination that you can find on Google would be the chocolate-chilli combo. I wasn’t keen about it at all. Try eating chilli flavoured gummibears and then think about having a spicy dessert. I can’t. I am simply not gourmet enough to be up to it.

Luckily, a deeper search with Google had led me to The Guardian’s site and to this man, Dan Lepard and his column (HERE). Yes, it sounded yummy enough and intriguing enough to get me off my chair! And yes, I don’t have to do a chocolate-chilli combo! Looking through the recipe, the flavours, somehow, reminded me of satay sauce.

Needless to say, I got my hands dirty and was awarded with my first loaf of bread that I was fully satisfied with. Do I want to share it with everyone? Definitely.

Here are the results:



The afterthought would be to chop up the peanuts since they were dropping out quite easily due to their massive size. But paired with some salami, it was a very yummy dinner. And oh, I didn’t end up at the meetup event because the administrators said there was none at the last moment. I had RSVP-ed and baked for a cancelled event. That said, more bread for us!

p/s:  For the recipe, please click the “HERE” in red, above. It will bring you to Dan’s column at the Guardian and his recipe. By the length of the recipe, you might be able to guess that it’s pretty straightforward and doable. It is true.