We all have to eat. It’s better to enjoy eating since we have to eat anyway. It’s just more fun.  I like to eat good food. So does my family. Here is where I try to feed us well and while doing that, sharing it and recording it. Our food repertoire span between continents as I am from South East Asia, my husband from Europe and our son was born in South East Asia before returning with us to Europe. On days, I dearly miss foods from home. Other days, I would like to try new flavors and textures. It is just a non-stop exploration of ingredients, techniques, recipes and sensations. Welcome to my depository of recipes as I explore and collect recipes and ideas.

This blog is called cloth and apron simply because it is the uniform I wear when I walk into the kitchen. You will find me fussing about with a tea cloth draped over my shoulder and of course, with an apron on.

Gan Bei! (Cheers!)


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  1. Nice to know that you live in Singapore. I have a friend who is also married to a German, so I have a soft spot for Germany. Thanks for visiting my blog. I really appreciate. Wish you all the best in blogging. Best wishes!

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