Mint and Chocolate Chip Ice Cream


Summer is here for some weeks now. There are ice cream machines being sold everywhere and these are small ones. They make about a 1 litre to 1.5 litre of ice creams. Curious me bought one. Wee, one of the definite flavors I wanted to make is mint and chocolate chip. I used to love this flavor as a child and somehow I got sidelined and even forgot about the existence of this flavor. Until, our trip to London recently which had me eating mint and chocolate chip ice cream while waiting to look at the Crown Jewels. That was a very long queue! The jewels, not the ice cream. The ice cream stall had a queue but not as long 😉

A quick check on the internet had helped me narrowed down on a recipe. I followed Cooking Classy’s recipe and ended up with this! Yum!! No, it is not bright green or very green since I did not want to use any food coloring. It is, however, with a hint of green from the mint. The other substitution I made was to use whipping cream instead of heavy cream. Oh, I omitted the light corn syrup as well. What I ended up was still very delicious with just enough of sweetness without being overwhelming.



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