Lime Chiffon Cake


Chiffon cake is one of my all time favorite cakes. They are a delight to eat, flavorful yet so light. Back in Singapore and Malaysia, chiffon cakes can be bought very easily, but in a very localized flavor, pandan (flavoring and coloring from screw pine leaves). Here in Germany, chiffon cakes are absolutely difficult to come by. So I decided to attempt it. I chose lime as I imagine the citrusy flavor will cut through the egginess and of course, it is a more available flavor than pandan.

I followed this recipe from the Taste of Home website. I made the cake, no filling not frosting. It is just as it is. I grew up eating these “O” shape cakes, unadorned 🙂


See how airy and spongey it is? Fantastic slice to have for tea I would say!

By the way, don’t mind the soft toys. They just wanted to be part of the yumminess 🙂


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